Tuesday, October 27, 2015



1.     Learn yoga
2.    Learn basic automotive repair.
3.    Go bungee jumping.
4.    Go to the Mecca and do haji
5.    Volunteer with a local charity.
6.    Dress more fashionably.
7.    Read 5 classic books I don’t want to read.
8.    Pay off all my debt.
9.    Travel to all seven continents
10.  Learn how to knit or cross-stitch
11.  Get a dream car
12.  Quit a job.
13.  Learn to swim.
14.  Learn basic sewing
15.  Own a house.
16.  Learn Mandarin
17.  Go snorkeling and experience marine life up close and personal.
18.  Climb a hill or a mountain.
19.  Have at least children which are one boy and one girl.
20. Re-read and try to understand the entire Al-Quran together with Tafsir.
21.  Have at least four-figure amount in my saving account.
22. Pay off my student loan debt.
23. Buy something ridiculously expensive
24. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
25. Have a skin-care regimen and an exercise routine.
26. Be able to cook at least one really great meal.
27. Bring my kid(s) to Disneyland!
28. Get married
29. Attend a professional short-course with certificate that would enhance my resume.
30. Have an oven and bake very frequently.
31.  Donate blood.
32. Overcome my phobia towards cats.
33. Speak better English on daily basis with my husband and kid(s).
34. Make a significant change in someone's life
35. Play ice skate
36. Complete a 365 day photo challenge
37. Grow my own vegetables
38. How to bake & decorate Cakes
39. Ride a gondola
40. Work in a career that I love.

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